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Game: Barpig - The Adventure Party Game

BARPIG is a hilarious competitive card-based party game with social group activities and take-that elements, and a dice to determine turn. Centered on a party of adventuring pigs challenging each other in a medieval tavern, BARPIG combines uncanny levels of wit and humour with novel game mechanics that continuously engage all players throughout the game. All this in a unique, highly portable, and wizardly fun game that's easy to learn and fun to play. The perfect party game for anywhere, with anyone, at anytime. Oh, and there will be Pigs! One pack of BARPIG - The Adventure Party Game, containing 64 cards (10 Character cards, 39 Item cards, 7 Bar Tabs, 7 Level Cards, and a Rules card) and 1 six-sided dice, all packaged in a handy portable flip-top box. Read more in our Product Information Sheet:
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