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Catan Board Game Expansion Seafarers

In Catan: Seafarers you control a group of bold seafaring settlers
exploring and taming the wild, uncharted Isles of Catan. Each game
brings you to new seas and new lands. You might even discover the
precious gold felds (a very valuable new terrain). Every game is unique
and full of fun! Embark on an epic quest to settle the home island, build
ships, and chart nearby waters. Guide your brave seafarers to victory
through cunning trades and wise development. Be frst to create new
sea lanes and settle the newly-discovered isles. The best strategy and a
nice dash of luck decide who will be the undisputed ruler of the rich
Isles of Catan! A game expansion for 3-4 players. Capture the adventure
of seafaring, exploration, and trade. Catan: Seafarers is a 3-4 player
expansion for the best-selling Catan board game. Share some fun at sea!

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